Zero waste breakfast, instructions for use

Faced with a climate emergency, everyone’s habits are being rethought for the well-being of our beloved planet. To contribute to the building, why not set up a daily zero waste breakfast? We give you basic advice.

Buy in bulk

In order to have breakfast every day without the slightest waste, buying in bulk is essential! If you’re a cereal lover, turn to cardboard boxes, which include bags that hold puffed rice or wheat flakes. Avoid this extra waste by finding good addresses where you can fill reusable bags with your favorite cereal. In the same vein, remember that there are several brands that offer loose tea or coffee so you don’t have to throw away the sachets or capsules.

Prioritize recycling options

Fortunately, did you know that there are reusable coffee capsules? So you can not only supply yourself with bulk, but continue to use your machine! In general, for a daily zero-waste breakfast, you’ll favor reusable options. Obviously, it is difficult to get large quantities of honey, curd or milk. In this case, it’s unlikely to completely eliminate packaging… However, you can opt for reusable or glass milk bottles, for example, that you’ll reuse in your decor or hold your homemade fruit juice.

Make the recipe at home

Besides buying in bulk and reusable packaging, the secret to a zero-waste breakfast lies in homemade recipes. So avoid buying packets of cookies or cakes: try making them yourself! From nothing, you can make pancakes, pudding or rice pudding. In addition to avoiding waste, you’ll have control over the quality and quantity of ingredients – even the absence of sugar. Of course, if you have breakfast at the office, don’t hesitate to invest in a reusable box to transport these sweets easily.

Build the basics yourself

Beyond the thousands of fantasy homemade recipes, it’s also possible to cook breakfast basics yourself to avoid waste. Yes, nothing prevents you from making yourself bread, yogurt, fruit juice or jam. It’s just a question of succeeding in mastering the recipes and having the right equipment – such as a yogurt maker – to carry out the preparations. As soon as you become an expert, all the packaging associated with these essentials will no longer have a place in your home!

Choose the right supplier

When it comes to a zero waste breakfast, the choice of suppliers is essential. If you’re forced to do your shopping at hypermarkets because of proximity, rethink the way you do it. Avoid, for example, choosing fruits and vegetables in unnecessary packaging. Do not hesitate to bare them on the scale: the result will be the same! Of course, specifically, for local production, bulk shops or markets: you will then have your hands on the packaging since you can bring your own container! So, is it time to invest in fake bags?

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