Your box of corn flakes will work wonders in these 5 delicious recipes

Corn Flake Nuggets.  Adobe Stock

Corn Flake Nuggets. Adobe Stock

These legendary breakfast cereals can be used in a thousand and one ways in the kitchen. We’ve made a small selection of the best recipes to make with corn flakes!

Are you a fan of bowls of milk and cereal for breakfast? We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you should probably avoid breakfast cereals. As evidenced by the rankings of 60 million consumers, many brands of cereals have a composition that sends shivers down your spine. They are distinguished specifically for the glycemic load (meaning sugar content) of their products. About fifty brands of cereal have been nutritionally scrutinized, and the result is clear: cereal contains a lot of sugar. WHO recommends only 50g per day but according to ANSES, we are far from this score. 1/3 of French people will consume more than 100 grams of sugars per day, especially because of our morning bowl of cereal which contains only 16 grams of sugars. But the good news is that you can recycle your cereal into delicious recipes for lunch or dinner. Of course, their nutritional composition will not miraculously change, but you will use a very small dose (much less than a large bowl of milk in any case) and this allows you not to waste your food. Already Europeans are the world champions of food waste,…

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