Why will our plates be covered in pink in 2023?

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    Rose is the new black! In 2023, you will see pink life. Prepare for a year fueled by recipes and ingredients whose colors will be borrowed from Barbie’s dressing room.

    Pink pineapple on our plates soon?

    Pink garlic for which Tern is legitimately proud of its label rouge and its Protected Geographical Indication, pink Himalayan salt for salty dishes without iodine, Chioggia beetroot for carpaccio that tickles taste buds like retinas… Betberweten, raspberry or guava interior, Barbie’s favorite color. Not new to the kitchen, finally going unnoticed!

    However, everything may well change in 2023, according to an analysis report published by an American firm (Technomic) that identifies trends in the restaurant industry. Many new ingredients and rose-colored recipes will color future dishes. We are not talking about gastronomy, but about food whose delicacy will promote good health. According to Technomic, pink will be a pleasant and photogenic color, but it will also send a message of antioxidant richness.

    A GMO is banned in Europe

    Foods that will carry Barbie’s favorite color as culinary trends in 2023 include pink pineapple. In the United States, the variety is a hit on social networks and especially on Tik Tok, where videos showcasing the lycopene-rich fruit generate nearly 45 million views. It will taste sweeter than its yellow cousin, but it is difficult to be sure because it is a genetically modified food, banned in Europe.

    The American company that made it actually injected a molecule called lycopene — long touted to have antioxidant activity — commonly present in tomatoes and watermelons to give the pineapple its golden color.

    The new pink food?

    Fortunately, you can judge whether the 2023 will indeed be placed under the pink mark by tasting a Bisap. Designated as a recipe that will refresh (or warm) next year, the traditional drink borrowed from Senegalese, Guinean and Malian cultures is hibiscus juice. More specifically, the drink uses a variety called roselle or Guinea sorrel. Served hot or cold, the liquid is said to have a diuretic effect and thus aid digestion.

    For “new” pink ingredients, you’ll discover schisandra, a Chinese berry with superpowers. Clinging to a liana plant that grows like a vine, this berry has a cocktail of benefits combining several vitamins and will be able to stimulate the nervous system or even work on stress. Schisandra is well known in Chinese medicine, which uses it to relieve asthma, diarrhea and insomnia.

    No to diet, yes to WW!

    Pink on the plates is not a new trend

    In fact, the trend of pink on plates has already started. This summer, Chef Pie’s preparation of “Pink Sauce” created buzz on Tik Tok, with some videos surpassing three million views. The influencer first built secrets around the composition of his condiment, in which the fried chicken wings are dipped, before finally revealing that his secret sauce was based on garlic, chili, honey and, above all, dragon fruit, an exotic dish very common in Asian languages. The market… pink of course.

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