Why should you give up fruit juice in the morning?

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For many, breakfast is a splash of fruit juice. Since childhood, we consume our glass of juice in the morning after waking up. But it turns out that’s a bad idea. We explain why you should not drink it in the morning!

It should not be eaten in the morning: here is the reason

No, the fruit juice is not counted in 5 fruits and vegetables a day, don’t get yourself wrong. Contains orange juice, even squeezed 8 grams to 9 grams of sugar for 100 ml, which is huge. For comparison, a soda contains about 10 grams of sugar.
Make way for an express SVT course. In the morning, the body is not able to digest and assimilate this food Glucose. consume it on an empty stomachWhen getting out of bed, increases Fatigue peak And the hunger During the day. Why? It creates Insulin spikes. Its role is to send sugar to support the body Needs energy From the body then your body will produceInsulin In the morning, which is not very suitable. Conversely, if you consume a reasonable amount of sugar, your glucose level will be in the blood constant And you won’t get that spike. The body tends to lean especially during fasting Fast absorption what we eat or drink It is definitely one bad idea Drinking sweets after waking up.

What happens after this ad?

Fake news!

Some will tell you that juice Moisturizes, provides vitamins And mineralsBut that’s relative fake. Haste is showing results low vitamins And fibers related to Whole fresh fruit. Then the juice will bring more sugar than your body needs.

When is it best to drink it?

If you want to take it during the day, choose the time slot in between 4 p.m And 6 p.m. it is Perfect timing Because the body naturally produces a spike of insulin. So it’s time to test Where many take a sweet break. Of course, it is better to drink it Homemade juice.

Alternatives for a less sweet drink

Advising against juice is all well and good, but make way alternative.
for lovers hot drinkThere are 3 options, 2 of which are well known: the Coffee And the tea. 3rd is slightly less eaten, it chicory. Its advantage is its origin 100% natural and vegetable, And furthermore, it local ! It is produced North of France.
For those who like fresh drinkNothing better than that Lemon juice Or just a big one glass of water for good hydrate Your body after a good night’s sleep.
Your dose is required fruit ? Prepare yourself a Fresh fruit saladIt’s too much healthy !

What happens after this ad?

Nothing is mandatory Obviously, one fruit juice at a time never kills anyone. But prevention is better than cure!

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