What to do with his blackberry picking fruit?

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Blackberry season is in full swing. A chance to pick something up along the way will be able to cook them later. In pies, crumbles or syrups… here are our gourmet ideas to use your pick.

Symbolizing the end of summer, the blackberry is a precious fruit that delights us every year. in the summer. With its sweet flavor and slightly tangy touch, it’s as delicious wild as it is cultivated. Moreover, it is not uncommon to find Walk on the path at the bend. They can be picked by hand, taking care not to scratch yourself with the brambles.

A few tips for picking your fruit in the wild

To avoid disappointment, pick the tallest blackberries and discard those that are less than one meter from the ground And so within reach of dogs and foxes that might urinate on the fruit. effective, Very low-lying fruits may contain fox tapeworm eggs which, once ingested, can develop in the human body and form cysts.
Also pay attention to the sorting environment. In fact, avoid polluted places, for example near major roads or whatever In regular contact with herbicides.
Finally, select the fruit with Well rounded grains Which is usually sweet. If a BlackBerry is hard to unhook, no need to force it, it’s not ready to be picked up yet.

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Our recipe ideas with blackberries

In jam or jelly

in pies

in the cake

In various desserts

In drinks and syrups

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