What is the ideal breakfast for weight loss?

While some people skip breakfast, sometimes as part of intermittent fasting, others eat anything and everything when they wake up in the morning. But the important thing is not to eat too much, on the contrary: you need to eat a balanced and varied diet.

According to National Nutrition-Health Plan, breakfast is a meal in its own right and should represent 20 to 25% of energy intake for the day. However, according to a research Conducted by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (CREDOC), more or less French people eat breakfast every morning. This diet has also become larger but less balanced, and “whole” models (grains, fruit or fruit juice, and dairy products) have become less frequent.

What to eat in the morning to lose weight?

You need to eat a balanced diet and replenish energy to avoid the temptation to jump at the 10 am break or the burger at noon. Because in adults, the absence of breakfast is often compensated by high-calorie foods. Breakfast should be what the body needs to keep you going and fuel until the lunch break.

for a good one A balanced breakfast, it is necessary to take: a fruit or a compote to replenish vitamins, a cereal product for fibers and a dairy product for calcium and protein. It is also recommended to drink well in the morning for the hydration that the body needs. Nutritionists also recommend drinking your morning drink after breakfast, so you don’t fill up before a meal.

Quick and easy breakfast recipes

So here it is The perfect breakfast recipe According to nutritionists, every morning should:

  • A scrambled egg
  • A piece of cheese
  • A slice of whole bread
  • A citrus fruit
  • Tea or coffee, preferably unsweetened

With this full breakfast, you will surely be satisfied all morning and not tired from the first meeting in the morning!

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