We separate truth from lies around serials

For some people, eating cereal is a daily ritual, yet that doesn’t prevent false beliefs. That’s why this article will help you untangle the truth from the lies surrounding this morning joy.

Morning Bowl is an unmissable appointment for cereal breakfast lovers. Their preparation is often part of a well-established sequence: A bowl, milk, cereal, in whatever order you prefer, of course.

We can count on Special K to offer us a gourmet moment as soon as we wake up. Who is this famous mantra? Start well, stay well : A good start. Have a good day. The brand offers various recipes suitable for daily morning routine.

From dark chocolate, oatmeal with honey, to the famous Special K Original, These recipes are here to have a delicious time from your bed.

Every day is a moment of joyWhich, however, carries its share of preconceived notions:


A bowl of cereal does not replace a balanced meal – True

It is said and repeated, Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. So don’t skip it, your body needs it to start the morning. Only a balanced breakfast can give you the energy you need to start the morning.

Amounts and contributions must be calculated according to our appetites, and our needs. Finally, eating cereal for breakfast doesn’t mean you have to cut out carbs from the following meals.. So treat yourself while having healthy and varied habits!

Moreover, it is recommended to accompany your cereal with a fruit for vitamins, a drink for hydration and a dairy product for protein and calcium.


Cereals are nutritionally poor – false

fibers Brown rice, bread, fruits and vegetables, pulses and pasta are available and also known Cereal is rich ! Moreover, French women do not consume enough of it, according to nutritionists. However, fiber makes this possible Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and colorectal cancer.

As we say, having cereal for breakfast is never a bad idea and to complete this first meal of the day, Add fruit, a dairy product (such as milk or yogurt) And you get a balanced breakfast with everything you need. Without a doubt, you’ll be stuck all morning!

There is something new in the wonderful world of cereal

Special K reinvents itself by changing the combination of three of its historic recipes without compromising on taste to make breakfast. A food that combines goodness and pleasure. Special K has significantly improved its iconic padi recipe, which is now High in fiber and low in salt Without compromising on taste.

  • Special K Original : High fiber and low salt give this recipe a Nutri-Score B.
  • Special red fruit : New recipes for petals and the addition of cranberries make Special K Red Fruits even more gourmet. This recipe has a B Nutri-Score.
  • Special K Dark Chocolate : The new recipe for the petals and the increase in chocolate content to 64% cocoa make this recipe delicious.

No matter what you have planned for the day, your morning can start off on the right foot: “A good start. A good day”.


Cereals for Babies – True/False

In the collective imagination, serial represents A joy from our childhood : Put your feet under the table and dip your spoon in your bowl…

They also promote a sense of contentment, both young and old. Because yes, many adults also eat cereal in the morning out of greed, habit or nostalgia.

Moreover, if while growing up, some of them prefer oat flakes, They don’t hesitate to change the delights in the bowl in terms of texture, taste, and accompaniments.


Cereal preparation required – false

Nothing can be easier than preparing cereal in the morning. All you need is a bowl – although some people prefer to enjoy them in a mug – of your choice of cereal and milk. If the cereal routine varies from person to person, their preparation does not take much time.

Same thing for oatmeal. Although they need to be slightly soaked before tasting, It should not be overworked on breakfast. Then all you have to do is add a few pieces of fruit and your dairy, if needed, for a bowl full of flavor.

Serials are full of misconceptions and false beliefs, which deserve to be broken. Deconstructing them allows you to enjoy your breakfast even morePleasure is different, and to enjoy a balanced diet.

Fortunately, you can count on who is special, and all its cereal recipes, to overcome these received ideas. Above all, their mantra is simple: Start well, stay well. A good start. Have a good day.

In other wordsA good day starts with a good breakfast, Free from superstition!

Credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Daria Shevtsova/Rodney Productions/Photo by Bruno Scramganon

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