Villefranche-de-Rourgue: Beauregard High School in the kitchen for a tasting day this Saturday

Beauregard’s high school students will taste pastries in short circuit, this Saturday, for sustainable food day.

Lycée Beauregard was in the kitchen on Wednesday afternoon, November 9 to prepare a variety of cookies for Sustainable Food Day. This Saturday, November 12, is indeed organized by the Ouest Aveyron Communauté, Room 13-Pierres, a day dedicated to sustainable food for young and old. Playful stands, projection debates, shows for children and exchange of information is the program of the moment. Goal: To learn how to eat well and eat better. Beauregard High School and its various training courses in the food industry therefore did not hesitate to get their hands dirty to show “we can make good local products with original recipes”, explain the teachers accompanying a student. That afternoon, the kitchen: Emeaniu. Thanks to their collaboration with Saveurs Paysannes and Biocoop, they have been able to produce a variety of products for Saturday tasting. On the site, they will be able to introduce the general public to these healthy recipes with a game A screening of “La part des autres” to discuss food will also take place at 3pm, still in the 13-Pierres room. Asamta will witness with him.

This highlighting of agri-food and sustainable food training is also linked to next week’s Agri-Food Week. During this week, all students will be able to get closer to companies and breeders and above all “get out of the idea that agri-food is art. It’s all about quality food”, emphasizes Stephanie Bayol. They will visit throughout the week and meet companies and breeders from across the former Midi-Pyrenees.

From 2pm to 6:30pm at the 13 Stone Village Hall in Villefranche-de-Rouge:

2:00 pm to 5:30 pm: About fifteen interesting means of information and fun.

3 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Screening of the film “La Part des Autres” by Beauregard High School as part of the Alimentare Festival, followed by a debate with Genevieve Cazes Vallet, food anthropologist and a farmer from Sèvres Peasances (subject of) .

4pm: Snack provided (apple juice pressed on site, fruit, cake).

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm: “Addiction” theater and puppet show for all ages on the theme of sugar.

Sustainable Food Day Program

2pm to 6.30pm at the 13-Stone Village Hall in Villefranche-de-Rouge:• 2pm to 5.30pm: Fifteen fun means information and fun. Autres” by Beauregard High School, as part of the ALIMENTERRE Festival and followed by a debate (to be confirmed) with Genevieve Cages Valet, food anthropologist and a farmer from Saveurs Paysannes. Spot, fruit, cake. • 5.30 to 6.30 pm: All on the theme of sugar “Addiction” theater and puppet show for the ages.

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