Vegetable Spaghetti: 12 Delicious and Easy to Make

A nice plate the pasta Creamy lasagna With tomatoes or a wok Noodles, we’re already salivating. But did you know that it’s possible to think you’re eating pasta without actually eating it? If that sounds weird to you, try these Vegetable Recipes !

There are always more vegetables on the plate

eat her 5 fruits and vegetables Every day is not always easy. We start the week with a leek soup, on Tuesday we enjoy a cauliflower pizza, and on Thursday we eat a super vitamin-packed salad.
Add your more vegetables balanced dietWhy not turn into them Spaghetti ? I see you coming, when you’re craving pasta, there’s no question eating a dish of carrots or zucchini. We assure you, your replacement Noodles The recipe will not be less with vegetables Gourmet and delicious.

Replace pasta with vegetables

For those who are intolerant glutenIt’s a really good idea to have the impression of eating a plate Spaghetti bolognese but without the difficulty of wheat, rye or spelled. Even outside of a gluten-free diet, consuming Vegetable pasta will save you bloating And stomach feels heavy after eating. A Glycemic index Much less and less calories, you can even help yourself to a piece; greedy
However, we do not recommend that you do all of your options starch by similar vegetables. A healthy diet will not cause you to become deficient and too few grains, which give your body energy, will be harmful to you. health.

Mac and cheese Without macaroni (but not without cheese), eggplant slices lasagna or Carbohydrates are pastaTry this mouth-watering recipe for yourself.

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