This perfect fall recipe will revolutionize your breakfast

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If pancakes are absolutely delicious, we found a variation that will please you even more. Between the original recipe and the cinnamon roll, this new version will become the new “must-have” when it comes to food. We explain this trend and reveal how to make it your next breakfast

The end of the year is approaching. Mariah Carey unveiled her annual video on November 1 to announce that the Christmas season has finally begun. The countdown begins. Along with this news, the cold is also taking shape and the temperature has started dropping. So, to look forward to the holiday season and comfort yourself as much as possible, you have to bet on the most comforting food possible. On the salty side, we especially think about all recipes based on melted cheese: we never get tired of it. Moreover, for raclette lovers, we have found the best place in France to taste it at will. And if we want to be light, we turn to squash for example this recipe of spaghetti with pumpkin. Mushrooms are also in the spotlight these days, but be careful to choose them well. On the beverage side, bet on hot drinks. Also, since Starbucks has announced the return of its Christmas drinks, good news, hurry to check them out. But to start the day off right, the most important meal is none other than breakfast. And it’s good…

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