This delicious cheese at a low price will change all your meals


We live in France and we love cheese! It is part of our culinary heritage. Especially with the arrival of winter we are already thinking about everything Cheese-based recipes, such as raclette, tartiflette or mont d’or… It’s good, tasty, but also expensive! In this article, we share our little tip for tasting cheese at low cost.

Pass the winter with a cheap and delicious cheese taste!

This is Canquilot. This yellow colored cheese originates from Franche-Comté and was formerly called, cheese “poor”. It is consumed less than other cheeses, and yet it has many benefits… in fact, you can eat it cold or hot. Basically, this cheese is spread on toasted bread slices for lunch or breakfast. Also, this melted paste is economical, since you can make it yourself or buy it in the store for between 1 and 3 euros. Finally know that it is low in calories. A cheese that won’t make you feel guilty, we check!

Apart from these uses, you can imagine many more recipes with this cheese. Indeed, cancoillotte Goes perfectly with potatoes, pasta or meat. For an inexpensive recipe that will satisfy even the most demanding palates, you can make a potato gratin with onions, bacon bits, and plenty of canquilotte. Young and old will enjoy themselves in the cold season, that’s for sure! In addition, the production of this cheese is rather original and we are glad to share its story with you.

A little history of this French cheese

It seems that this cheese has existed in its region of origin, Franche-Comté, for almost 2000 years. So, it deserves a bit of interest anyway! Do you know the meaning of the word Meton? It’s the words that determine what you get Scalded milk is the base of this cheese. At first they become crumbs which later become Creamy and smooth texture thanks to the addition of hot water. But this is not the end! Cancoillote also has a little manufacturing secret. In fact, it needs to have one more ingredient to be the canquilot you appreciate. about it butter. It is thanks to this material that it turns yellow and looks very thick.

Now that you know all about the history of Canquilot, it’s time Time to try the recipe ! Cancoillotte at home or already prepared, the choice is yours!

Here are 4 recipe ideas to make with canquilotes

To give you recipe ideas for the cold season, here’s what you can prepare with this delicious cheese. That’s it 4 Delicious, family friendly and cheap preparation. We are already licking our chops!

  • Tertiflette in the French-Comte
  • Chicken Cutlet with Cancoillotte
  • Potato gratin with cancuillote
  • Canquilot omelette


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