This breakfast recipe is for a gourmet yet healthy morning

For those who wake up hungry breakfast Without question the most anticipated meal of the day. Some like it mild, others like to spice it up with good pastries, and there are those for whom breakfast only rhymes with brunch. Obviously, each person has their own view of breakfast to start the day right. However, when we want lose weight, You will know to change your small habits. Without depriving yourself of good thingsWe can totally accept one A healthy first meal That will help us lose a few pounds. But don’t worry, there isHealthy recipesSweet or savoryFor breakfast without feeling guilty.

Gourmet and healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal that breaks the overnight fast, so we need to fuel our bodies with the right foods. We then forget the industrial products, full of additives, and fruits and vegetables, cereals and other proteins are welcomed with open arms. We trade our bowls of chocapic cereals Oatmeal Cookies home or, if desired, Buckwheat and chocolate pancakes. We can even create Avocado Toast Treat yourself to a decent breakfast from Wednesday to Sunday morning. If you are more of the salty team, cook a good one Healthy bagels Nutritious, and self-prepared one High Vitamin Smoothies To energize for the day.


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