The new breakfast trend that no one thought of

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This will be our next kitchen crash test.

TikTok never ceases to amaze us with its amazing recipes that make our mouths water. The latest trend? A breakfast recipe that completely reinvents the classic pancake. Its name: Spaghetti Pancakes. A new type of pastry that you won’t tire of this winter.

It all started with a video Briana Archuleta shared on TikTok. The young influencer captioned the viral video “My husband discovered something delicious this morning”. Since then, the sequence has been liked nearly 1.2 million times, with tens of thousands of comments as a bonus. Internet users continue to copy this recipe known as “delicious” but on the other hand “quite long”.

@brianaarchuleta or as she likes to call squiggle cakes #breakfast #foodie #viralfoodtrend #tryit #pancakes #breakfasttime #husbandcreations #morning #delicious #invention #thefuture ♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

The concept? We make a classic pancake batter, but instead of laying it on the pan in the shape of small classic pancakes, we draw thin lines that make “spaghetti”. We wait for these lines of dough to cook and we put everything in a large bowl that we precisely sprinkle with sugar, melted chocolate or vermicelli. It is up to you. do we try

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