The best recipe for a boost this summer!

During the holidays, we dream of a drink full of freshness with a touch of tansy and above all good for our body. Look no further, we’ve found the miracle solution that will get you cracking: Detox juice.

If it doesn’t transport you to seventh heaven at first glance, trust us we’ll have you in our suitcase for a guaranteed summer boost!

Detox Juice: When to Consume?

Of course, you can drink your detox juice whenever you want, no one is stopping you from doing so. However, it is important to know that certain times are more favorable and allow you to maximize the many benefits of juicing.

We recommend you especially in the morning about 15 minutes before your breakfast on an empty stomach. The body is able to absorb nutrients better. This is a great way to end the night quickly and thus stimulate the stomach. During the day, take your detox juice between meals and not during meals. Finally, if you do physical activity, drink your juice before and after exercise to help replenish your energy and regenerate your muscles.


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