Spaghetti “Alla Puttanesca”, Merchant of Love

A rose remains a rose, but spaghetti Go to Puttanesca Will they maintain their spice under another name? The name of this dish – which can be translated “Whore or Slut Spaghetti”It depends on how thick you want it – and the myths surrounding it explain its popularity as much as its voluptuous taste.

What were the prostitutes of Naples preparing for? puttanesca Between the two clients, a quick but lively way to recharge your battery? Was her alluring scent a way to lure customers into their bedrooms?

Whether there is any truth to these stories, hopefully these women brushed their teeth carefully afterwards. With a spicy mix of anchovies, garlic, capers and olives puttanesca A dish that is eaten by proxy is not.

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