Simone Tondo’s spaghetti alla marinara recipe

Following the lead of the famous restaurant the roots in paris, Simone Tondo Take advantage of this quiet time to uncover, every Sunday, a family recipe that takes our taste buds on a trip to Italy.

Simone Tondo’s spaghetti alla marinara recipe

Simon Tondo: “For this recipe, which is cooked from center to south Italy , the essential thing is to find the right balance between different elements and their qualities. We call it “spaghetto alla marinara” to feel freer than the traditional version.”

Simone Tondo’s spaghetti alla marinara recipe Simone Tondo

For 4/6 people
-500 grams of spaghetti
-500 grams of beautiful tomatoes (Deterino)
-Olive oil
-10 small capers per person
– 1 clove of pink garlic
-2/4 salted anchovies
– Salt and pepper

“Peel the tomatoes and blanch them in hot water for 3 minutes before cooling. Heat the anchovies with the olive oil, garlic and capers. Then add the tomatoes and let them cook to form a compote. Meanwhile, cook the pasta following the instructions for al dente. and put a bowl of cooking water. Add the cooking water to the tomato preparation to make a balanced and very tasty sauce. Mix almost like a salad, your spaghetti with hot sauce, without getting rid of too much starch. Finally, when the pasta is served on the plate you add the cheese. can (not very mature beef or lamb (6 months)) to give the sauce a nice roundness. Add olive oil. Buon Pranzo.”

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