Should I exercise on an empty stomach? Answer from a sports coach

Some experts say that exercising on an empty stomach can help you lose weight. However, practicing physical activity on an empty stomach can cause some problems. We take stock.

There are many misconceptions that circulate around diet and physical activity, and especially the question of whether it’s good Fasting for sports.

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What should I eat after sports?

Before answering the question, it is important to remember that it is very difficult to establish general rules on this question. For some athletes, running on a full stomach can be tricky because the feeling of having a full stomach during exercise can be unpleasant.

Another example, yoga. In this discipline, we are forced to adopt a contorted, opposite posture, so if we have just had breakfast, it can be quite unpleasant. So it depends on what activity you are doing. But not only.

The Nature and composition of food Play a role. Just like persistence in sports practice. “A top athlete, or at least someone who is used to sports without anything in their stomach, is less likely to experience problems during exercise. However, those who are unaccustomed or poorly trained discomfortHypoglycemia, etc“, warns Christophe Ruel sports coach.

Dry fruit or a banana for long efforts

You should know that the longer the effort or the more energy it requires, the less wise it is to go on an empty stomach. Instead of resorting to a hearty meal, it is better to have something in the stomach in this case. Dry fruit or a banana for example, if you have to run for a long time in the morning.

Fasting to lose weight?

If your goal is to lose weight by exercising on an empty stomach, studies show that this practice increases appetite for the rest of the day! So it is a data taken into account related to what motivates you. Knowing yourself, learning to anticipate your body’s reactions, your own habits is essential. Generalizations are difficult. You have to ask the right questions. How long will my efforts last? At what intensity? If you resume an activity after a break, take it easy and eat a little before the session. In any case, plan an energy bar in case during the session, you feel signs of weakness. For those who are used to it, whether you eat first or not, you have to go through phases.” Recommends the coach.

out of food, Above all, remember to stay hydrated. Whether intense effort or not, water is essential before, during, and after effort. For the rest, listen carefully to your feelings!

Thanks to Christophe Ruelle Sports Coach

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