Recipe ideas for an original breakfast

An orange juice, a coffee, toast with jam and a croissant: the French breakfast has been elevated to the status of an institution! On a day-to-day basis, however, this symbolic quadrant can be boring (and not the most balanced). Hence the variation in pleasure and nutritional intake, digging into us Recipe for a real breakfast. Stock up on protein by adding eggs or meat to menus like our Nordic Roast Beef Sandwich or our Spinach Croque-Madame. Be inspired by cuisines from other places by making egg muffins, scones or pancakes to take with you as you wake up. Those with a sweet tooth will love our fun and colorful Fruit French Toast Skewers, while those in a hurry will be ready to turn to mug cakes in minutes. And for those who can’t do without their morning sandwich, swap out the classic strawberry jelly for watermelon, melon, kiwi or even pumpkin jam. So many gourmet ideas that will make you jump out of bed!

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