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Do you like Gibli movies? Have you ever fallen in love with the detail that Totoro or Ponyo animation brings to food? Then this book is made for you (but not only). It’s time to get cooking and melt with joy thanks to the book Kitchen in Ghibli (PDF Not Available), a recipe book that was released on June 1, 2022 and which pays homage to dishes featured in famous animated films from Japan’s pride legend studio. However, we also checked the Dragon Ball recipe book and hindsight was 20/20.

A delightful dive into Japanese culture

Cooking in Ghibli: Legendary Studio Recipes, will ensure you a dive into Japanese gastronomy. From an artistic point of view, the Hatchet Heroes editions still mark a major breakthrough, although – disappointingly – due to copyright reasons of course, no Studio Ghibli images appear in the book. That said, the book whets the appetite of fans of the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Thibaud is a chef and pop culture expert who chooses to share his passion for cooking through YouTube. For this book, he is fabulous 35 recipes Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s greatest masterpieces. Through the themes they address – childhood, hope for future generations, connection with nature, love, family, the importance of memory – Ghibli films can only touch and move us. Food-related scenes are especially important; Kiki’s Delivery Service From Pumpkin-Fish Pie to Pompoko’s Hambagoo, Spirited Away to Cursed Feasts, Discover Recipes to Share with Your Family or Friends, Form Unbreakable Bonds. In the same vein, you can find Recipe from the Studio Ghibli moviePublished by Ynnis Editions in 2020, and if you’re a fan of Ghibli, you can’t ignore these two books:

Like the Dragon Ball recipe book, it is signed by Thibaud Villanova, the author of “Gastronogeique” stamped with the recipe book since 2014, a series of 16 books that decipher the dishes of cult films and series, please sold more than 500,000 copies.

So many little gastronomic pearls so treasured by moviegoers who will happily immerse themselves in iconic scenes from their favorite animated feature films, such as the one where Ponyo delights in sitting down to eat with “Hamu”, a delight to cook in a steaming bowl of ramen for the first time rather than discovering it for the first time. times

Let’s say: it’s almost the holiday season, but after all, autumn is also the season for movies and series under the duvet. A chance to watch Studio Ghibli’s legendary animated films for the umpteenth time, with special care for their food that makes our mouths water with every meal scene. Who hasn’t drooled over the egg-bacon-toast breakfast made by Calcifer in Howl’s Moving Castle or the rice soup served to Princess Mononoke by the wandering monk Ziko in Ashitaka? This beautifully illustrated book with delicious recipes will delight connoisseurs and lovers of Japanese cuisine.

About Thibaud Villanova, the author of the book

Chef and expert in pop culture, Thibaud Villanova has been creating recipes since 2014 inspired by the biggest references to movies, television series, manga, fantasy literature and even video games. With Gastronogeek, he has already published more than 16 cookbooks that have sold 500,000 copies in France.

“I try to dig into each of these universes to find recipes for your favorite heroes or heroines or foods they would have tasted. My job is to create a recipe as well as reproduce decorations, placing Easter eggs in accessories or ingredients. With each recipe, my objective is simple: to extend the reader’s immersion in a world he knows well through a gourmet meal. »

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  • Title: Kitchen in Ghibli: Recipes from the Legendary Studio
  • Publisher: Hatchet Heroes
  • Author(s): Thibaud Villanova
  • Published: June 1, 2022
  • Support(s): Paper book, eBook [ePub]
  • Content(s): ePub
  • Protection(s): DRM (ePub)
  • Weight (in grams): 844 (paper book)
  • Size(s): 65 MB (ePub)
  • Language(s): French
  • CLIL code(s): 3847, 3849
  • EAN13 Paper Book: 9782017178316
  • EAN13 eBook [ePub] : 9782019465216
  • Content(s): ePub
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