Proper equipment for microwaves

When time is ripe, microwave cooking becomes a big plus, cutting down on a few prep steps and eliminating dirty dishes.


Photo courtesy of Starfrit

This silicone container from Starfrit’s Kilo Solution collection allows you to enjoy the benefits of steam cooking, which preserves essential nutrients and vitamins while enhancing the taste of food. Without the need to add water or fat, the fish is juicy and the meat very tender in this papillote for two to four servings. Heat resistant up to 446°F, it is microwave, oven and freezer safe. > $16.99

Perfect bacon

Image courtesy of Ares Cuisine

With its sloping design, large capacity and grooves, this Nordic Wire Bacon Tray offers the possibility to cook a large number of slices in the microwave oven, allowing the fat to drain for perfect cooking. This handy high-temperature plastic accessory can also be used to defrost food in the microwave. > $29.99

Rice without cooker

Photo courtesy of Lakeway

Rice and various cereals such as quinoa, oats or couscous can be prepared in minutes in the microwave for cooking, draining and serving. No need to boil water while cooking, deal with spillover and stand in front of the stove. In 12 minutes in the microwave, four rice will be ready to serve. Includes recipe ideas and cooking charts. > $41.95


Image courtesy of Tupperware

This microwave breakfast cooker set eliminates the hassle of skipping the most important meal of the day. This Tupperware product includes a cooker for omelets, oatmeal and French toast, as well as two molds for making poached eggs and coconut that will decorate a sandwich. Perforations in the lid release excess steam, while the curved design makes it easy to slide cooked food onto a plate with a spatula. > $44.00

pasta cooker

Photo courtesy of Lakeway

Prepare four portions of pasta without boiling water, that’s what the Leku Pasta Cooker for the microwave oven offers. Just add the pasta and water before putting everything in the microwave for a few minutes. Once the pasta is cooked, you can drain the water using the built-in strainer, then add the ingredients to decorate the pasta, before presenting it in the same bowl, serve and serve. take a taste This accessory even includes a spaghetti portion guide. > $46.95

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