Menu for the week of October 17 to 21

Warm goat cheese salad.  750 grams

Warm goat cheese salad. 750 grams

We know all too well how difficult it can be to plan your meals in advance. Food cost, recipe variety, food balance, product seasonality, preparation time and personal taste: there are so many criteria that it can be daunting to take into account. To help you in this process, we save you time with our week’s menu already prepared. We’ve even written a shopping list, so you have (almost) nothing left to do!

Every weekend, when we find ourselves with our 3 shopping bags in our arms and the trolley to pull, we wonder what we will be able to cook. Due to lack of inspiration, time or inflation, we often go back to the same recipes. But this may well change in our menu for the week of October 17 to 21! We offer easy, quick and economical recipes for the whole family. what are you ready

For Monday evening: Warm goat cheese salad

Warm goat cheese salad combines everything we love: the comfort of the cheese that melts slightly on the toasted bread, the freshness of the salad, and the ease of making this recipe. A must at the French bistro we are making at home today.

For Tuesday evening: Cream of carrot soup with coral lentils

This is a perfectly seasonal dish that will delight both young and old. The veloute is unusual, fragrant and above all it satisfies thanks to the addition of lentils …

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