Lose weight: Here is the recipe for drinking vitamin juice to lose weight effectively

To increase our chances of losing weight, we sometimes need a little boost to stimulate transit and burn fat. In addition to a balanced diet and the practice of regular sports activities, we can therefore turn to drinks with good qualities for the silhouette. A way for us to have all the possibilities to observe a real difference at scale as soon as possible. These slimming elixirs are especially popular when trying to say goodbye to our extra pounds A smoothie made with a star ingredient : apple.

A detox fruit, appetite suppressant and low calorie, rich in pectin, vegetable fiber Reduces the feeling of hunger and regulates intestinal transit. There are also apples A low glycemic index, in addition to having an excellent antioxidant content. It is enough to be a major slimming ally, which we would be wrong not to include in our daily recipes.

Discover the recipe for Slimming Apple-Strawberry Smoothie

In this apple detox juice recipe, we find that too Strawberries, a source of antioxidantsas well as honey And milk. Apart from its slimming properties, This drink helps to replenish the vitamins required for proper functioning of our body.. It will also provide our bodies with good quality protein, while preventing cravings that take us away from our slimming goals.

To make this slimming apple-raspberry smoothie you will need:

  • an apple
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • Two teaspoons of raw honey
  • Half a cup of coconut, almond or soy milk


  • Mix all the ingredients in a blender
  • Once you get the desired texture, add ice cubes to it
  • Serve cold

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