‘Le Monde du Macaron’, a gourmet lounge universe to treat yourself or treat yourself

A whole range of homemade food is available at this tea house!

Daniel and Pascal The managers of the ‘Le Monde du Macaron’ salon located at 70 Grande Rue in Chalon-sur-Saône offer you many specialities:

In this establishment, beautifully decorated where the decor is elegant, you will be served gourmet recipes, its grand cru menu such as: Espresso Vanilla (with natural vanilla flavor), Caramel Espresso (with natural caramel flavor) Brazil (smooth and silky)… but also gourmet recipes like Latte Macchiato (a wonderful blend of hot milk, creamy hot milk froth and Nespresso Grand Cru) Iced macchiato (A Nespresso Grand Cru and a blend of crushed ice with a velvety cold milk froth) The fineness of speculoos (Speculus syrup and hot milk combined with a Nespresso Grand Cru, topped with hot milk froth and sprinkled with Speculus chips)… A full range of teas will be on offer. green tea : Organic Sencha, Marrakesh, Pineapple-Ginger… black tea : Earl Grey, Red Fruit, Exotic Paradise… white tea : Fire of the Dragon, Morning Melody… as well as many more infusion : Lemon-Ginger, Frozen Peach, Detox…

Delicious dishes are also numerous: Macaroons, chocolates, nougats, pastries, fresh drinks (smoothies, milkshakes, etc.), pancakes and waffles, ice cream, pressed fruit juices, sodas, etc., as well as desserts: madeleines, cakes, cookies, crumbles, mousse with chocolate, tiramisus, large macaroons, Muffins, tartlets, Calissons d’Aix, biscuits, sweets and many gifts to offer.

To delight your taste buds, don’t hesitate to knock on the doors of this store where a warm welcome awaits you.

Discover a whole range to treat yourself or treat yourself, in a very comfortable environment with a relaxing atmosphere!

Le Monde du Macaron is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Reservation Tel: 09 81 09 26 33.


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