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For this second day of the week, a holiday synonymous for many people with the All Saints holiday, is World Pasta Day. It has been celebrated annually since 1998, following the first World Pasta Congress held in Rome on October 25, 1995. An opportunity to gather with family or friends around a huge steaming plate of pasta in the middle of the table with its sauce and accompaniments. Parmesan, there is something for all tastes, all sizes. As for the expression of the day, you can say during a coffee break that you need to “drag the sauce” this afternoon, even if you’re not talking about the sauce that might accompany the spaghetti or quills on your plate. To conclude BeMac’s short tour this Tuesday, we celebrate St. Crepin for the 297th “before the coffee machine” on this twenty-fifth day of October.

Today Tuesday is World Pasta Day.

This Tuesday we celebrate World Pasta Day, a time to gather with friends or family around a table with a giant steaming plate of pasta at its center and a beautiful bottle to go with it. And don’t say that you don’t know what to cook today, there are more than 600 types of pasta around the world, which have something to do with the variation of pleasure every day. And even if the price of pasta has risen recently due to inflation, it is still today a dish that is accessible to everyone, if you have water and a saucepan, even if some prefer not to bother too much with heating a box of pasta.


World Pasta Day was created on 25 October 1995 as part of the World Pasta Congress Experts from around the world come together on this day to learn how to best highlight all the pasta shapes available around the world and to promote the eating of pasta, as well as its cultural and culinary importance. Every year since 1998, World Pasta Day has been celebrated on October 25 in most countries of the world.

As explains to us, “ This celebration of World Pasta Day is drawing more attention to the virtues and benefits of pasta – its great taste, safety and ease of use – for people around the world. Celebrate World Pasta Day by trying a new recipe or two with your friends and family. And don’t forget that the magical qualities of taste, health sustainability and convenience of pasta are worth celebrating all year round!

While pasta originated in China before coming to Italy

Historically, the earliest known examples of pasta to date are the La Mian type of noodles, found in the Lajia ruins of China and dating back to -2000 BC. Closer to us, chronologically speaking, legend has it that Marco Polo, returning to Venice after his great travels in China, introduced pasta to Italy.

Moreover, abundant in this aspect, their names are usually Italian words that describe their appearance. Spaghetti for cords, vermicelli for small worms, rotini for spirals, fusilli for skewers, tortellini for cupcakes, linguini for small tongues, conchiglie for shells, fettuccine for small ribbons, pennies for feathers and capellini for fine hair.

All you have to do is create your own pasta recipe, make your own fresh homemade pasta and top it with a cheese or bolognese sauce. Otherwise, more traditionally, you can go with them with tomato or pesto sauce, remembering that cooking is the big question above all.” Chath ” Or not. Be sure to put a lid on the pan while the water is boiling and remember that when you’re making pasta, there’s never enough!

A happy Tuesday to all and Good appetite!


Expression of the day: lengthen the sauce

This is the expression you should try to put into the conversation of the day during breaks in front of the coffee machine: “Make the sauce last”. To begin with, this expression really has nothing to do with the pasta accompaniment for this World Day, nor that the sauce is too thick and needs to be thinned, the sauce needs to be thickened by cooking a few spoonfuls of water. Pasta, though sometimes this can be the case.

It’s an expression you can use during a coffee break to talk about your co-worker at work who still hasn’t returned the file you’ve been waiting for for days, which he’s been dragging you for not giving, each time giving you such an argument. Which is enough to sauce it up if things don’t go as planned and the job doesn’t deliver.

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