Here are the ideal breakfast recipes according to nutritionists

It’s hard to know What is the ideal breakfast? Staying in shape and keeping in line. If for some breakfast is the most necessary meal of the day, for others, on the contrary, it should be reduced as much as possible, or even prohibited by practicing intermittent fasting. What is sure is that the excuse of the first meal of the day is not a reason to jump on everything and anything. Since the 1st incarceration, most French people have changed their habits and chosen a healthier and more balanced diet. This should be done as per the National Health Nutrition Plan (PNNS). Covers 20 to 25% of daily energy intakeThat’s it 500 calories on average For an adult. We deliver it to you recipe Ideal breakfast According to nutritionists for fuel fuel On this very cold day.

To lose weight: what to eat in the morning

for Avoid lust Don’t order pizza at 10am and lunch break, your breakfast must be Prepare carefully. It should be made with everything our bodies need to stay in top shape and keep us going during our painful intercourse. In the menu: a grain products For fiber, a dairy products For calcium and protein, a Fresh or stewed fruit (we avoid juice), for vitamins, as well as a drink For hydration. It is recommended to drink your tea or coffee at the end of breakfast, so that your stomach is not full before eating! According to nutritionists, Perfect breakfast will be: A scrambled egg, a slice of cheese, a slice of wholemeal bread, a citrus fruit and a cup of tea or coffee.. With these foods for breakfast, your stomach will be full to start the day well!


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