Here are the best juices to consume to rejuvenate and ease its transit

When our transit is taking off, a slight turn of the steering wheel is required to restart the machine. To combat constipation, one can resort specifically Fruit and vegetable juices that will stimulate intestinal transit as naturally as possible. Especially those who are betting on being ideal Rich in dietary fiber and inside sorbitol, a sugar alcohol contained in certain fruits, that draws water into the large intestine. Simple steps to eliminate stool “hard”While keeping the body fully hydrated.

Which fruits are rich in sabitrol?

Among the fruits rich in sorbitrol, we find apples, grapes, pears, but also plums, peaches or apricots or even dried fruits such as dates and prunes. Note thatPrunes are considered one of the most concentrated fruit sources of sorbitol.

To increase the fiber content of a juice, we put fiber-rich fruits like berries, we add fruit pulp or we keep their skin.

Prune Juice: The Ideal Recipe to Soothe Your Stomach?

Among all the juice recipes that work against constipation, we maintain prune juice, which is ideal to ensure a very good transit, as proven by several scientific studies. According to a 2014 Eating 100 grams of prunes per day will improve the frequency of our bowel movements, but also its consistency.

How to make prune juice


– 300 grams of prunes

– 2 liters of water


– Fill a saucepan with 2 liters of water.

Add 300g of prunes to the pan.

– Heat the pan on medium or high flame.

– Once it boils, reduce the heat and cover with a lid and keep it on low heat for about 2 minutes.

– In a blender add prunes and water and blend until smooth.

– Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove large pieces.

– Bottle the prune juice and store it in the refrigerator.

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