Gwyneth Paltrow shares her favorite breakfast recipe

Gwyneth Paltrow Unveils Her ‘Boyfriend Breakfast Frittata’ (Beverly Hills, January 5, 2020) Getty Images

In a video for conventionalIn good health Popes used to cook breakfast with her husband at the beginning of her relationship.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who just turned 50, cooked her favorite breakfast in a video shot conventional And published on September 27, his birthday. In a signature pale pink set gucciThe actress revealed her recipe for frittata, an egg-based breakfast topped with potatoes, bacon and spinach.

In the video, Gwyneth Paltrow tastes her vagina-scented candles for the Uber Eats teaser Super Bowl.

Protein breakfast

Nickname of the dish? “Boyfriend Breakfast Frittata”, mean “Special Boyfriend Breakfast Frittata”. A name invented early in her relationship with her husband, director and producer Brad Falchuk. “When we started dating, we started this tradition where I cooked breakfast for him every Saturday morning, she says. I came up with very creative recipes, I really spent time there during the week.

The recipe is high in protein to say the least. It consists of twelve eggs, turkey bacon, a potato, an onion (caramelized in clarified butter) and spinach leaves. All are baked at 190 degrees for 12 minutes. Along with this, the actress offers a mocktail (alcohol-free cocktail), which includes a sachet of her brand of vitamins. goop And water.

In addition to this menu, Gwyneth Paltrow shares her morning wellness routine: on weekdays, after waking up at 6:30 a.m., a couple’s meditation session, a sports session with the advice of coach Tracy Anderson, and 30 minutes in an infrared sauna.

While cooking, the actress admits to being momentarily surprised that “you can be a feminist and do housework for your family”, as her friends call her “old-fashioned”. After reflection, her answer is as follows: “Cooking for the people you love if you want is a strong recognition of your feminism!”.

In the video, “That’s Not My Name”, Gwyneth Paltrow accepts the challenge

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