“Fruit”, Regis Markon’s recipe

Posted on October 21, 2022, 6:02 AM

After Mushrooms (2013), Herbs (2016), Cereals and Legumes (2018) and Vegetables (2020), Regis Marcon continues to explore the culinary resources provided by nature. This time, again with the edition of La Martiniere, the three-star chef from Saint-Bonnet-le-Freud in the Haut-Loire, tackles the fruits with a scene similar to the previous ones: he starts by putting 55 of them through the grinder (origin, portrait, practical advice and use ). Then suggest going to the kitchen without cutting your fingers thanks to 120 simple technical gestures (peeling and cutting a persimmon, preparing chestnuts or pomegranates, etc.) placed in the picture. And finally to create one of 130 recipes that run from breakfast to dessert. Luscious and seasonal, taste this roasted porcini mushroom with figs, this red lentil stew with jackfruit, or this pear and blue cheese risotto lavage.

“Fall”, by Regis Marcon, La Martiniere Editions, 432 pages, 45 euros.

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