Fruit juice: why consumption is declining – 20 hour diary

You don’t have to go far in this supermarket to find what makes you tick, it’s fruit juice. Considered very sweet, it must be said that a 250 ml glass contains the equivalent of four sugar cubes, as much as soda. Nutri-scores are often C, even D or even E. As a result, fruit juice is indistinguishable from other sugary drinks. Sales are down, while prices for soda, iced tea and energy drinks are rising. But this is not enough to explain this lack of love, there is also the question of price. At this manufacturer in Oise, orange juice is three times more expensive than a soda. Because we don’t make soda like we make juice. Some of its customers also changed their consumption habits. So how do you reverse the trend? This other industrialist responded with other less sweet recipes, thanks to a new ingredient. It is coconut water, which reduces the sugar content of fruit juice by 30%. A winning strategy. Although the brand’s sales have been stagnant for four years, they have again increased by 2% in the last twelve months. TF1 | Report V. Dépret, E. Binet, J. Roux

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