Four places to drink detox juice in Paris

Summer is finally here, and the nearly scorching heat is with it, making the days almost unbearable. A chance to discover a new and refreshing Parisian address: the juice bar. But not just any, these are establishments that offer cold-pressed, organic and above all detox juices. The ideal solution to replenish vitamins and enjoy a moment of well-being on those sunny days. Trendy decor, friendly atmosphere, refreshments… here’s our selection of juice bars to beat the summer heat.

Punch Cafe – the sportiest

It is a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées in the heart of the brand new Punch Studio, dedicated to sports and boxing, which the founders open the doors to in a trendy and healthy corner. Smooth colors, wood, cement… this raw, minimalist cafe is the ideal place for city dwellers and tourists alike for a cold drink this summer. On the list? Colorful juices and smoothies made from fruits, vegetables, and even superfoods sourced from organic and local producers. All this with a view of well-being and eco-responsibility. An address to discover without delay.

Punch Café Champs-Élysées Credit: Punch Café

Smoothies Credit: Punch Cafe

Punch Café, 26 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris.

Judy – Most Jane

Judy is the so-called quality canteen located a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Gardens and which offers cold and detox drinks that are good for the body, mind but also the planet. Since 2016, the establishment, launched by naturopath Dominique Gassin, welcomes city dwellers and tourists in a zen and beneficial environment. On the list? Cold-pressed organic juices such as Radiant Red made with beetroot, carrot, celery, red apple and lime and Karma Cleanser made with pineapple, fennel, parsley, mint and ginger. Judy also offers a 24-hour detox juice cure, which is ideal for digestive breaks and boosts your metabolism.

Detox Juice Credit: Judy

Judy, 18 rue de Fleurs, 75006 Paris.

Cojean – the purest

For summer, Kojian establishments are innovating by offering new recipes for cold-pressed juices (cold-pressed) as well as frozen drinks, ideal for instant refreshment. For always healthy eating, these juices benefit from slow extraction without overheating, which allows the nutrients to remain intact and preserve the vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables. Most? They are all made up of a superfood like maca, ginger or even wheatgrass. Customers can also opt for the Charcolade, a lemonade made with activated charcoal, pineapple, lemon, agave syrup and cider vinegar. Drinks that provide energy, refreshment and help detoxify the body.

Cozen Haussmann, 17 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

Cafe 52 Paris 1 – the most secret

At Place de Valois, Café 52 unveils its intimate and tranquil terrace. With a cozy decor with hints of gold, warm terracotta tones and rattan furniture, it offers customers a warm experience. For summer, the bar is an invitation to disconnect and relax. On the list? Beauty cocktails, detox juices or even tea and coffee. Customers can, for example, choose “Ginger Lover,” a booster shot made with lemon and ginger, or “Green or Go Home,” a seasonal detox juice. Most established? Possibility to add a Touch the beauty Add to her drink, like marine collagen, organic spirulina powder or Holidermie CBD drops, for even more energy.

Cafe 52 Terrace at the Grand Hotel Palais Royale Credit: Grand Hotel du Palais Royale

Beauty Cocktail Credit: Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

Café 52, Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, 4 rue de Valois, 75001 Paris.

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