Fettuccine Alfredo, never the prophet in their country

Abroad, they are considered a symbol of Italian cuisine. But, with us [en Italie], they are practically unknown and we rarely eat them anywhere. The origin of fettuccine alfredo is not very clear. Two Roman restaurateurs dispute its paternity: Alfredo “Alla Scrofa” [l’“Alfred de la rue de la truie”] and Il Vero Alfredo [“Le Véritable Alfred”], which are about the only two to offer it in Italy. Nevertheless, the recipe – egg tagliatelle made with butter and cheese – is popular abroad. Especially in the US (much like spaghetti Go polpette [spaghettis aux boulettes de viande]pineapple pizza or Caesar salad), where many restaurants try it with more or less success.

The recipe is simple, with all three ingredients and all of them: special delicate egg pasta, which requires less than thirty seconds of cooking time, fresh butter and Parmesan cheese. Since it opened, Alfredo Restaurant in Rome has been making its fettuccine by hand, which is served at the table. mantecatore “mixer”]that efficiently mixes sauces and pasta. Countless variations (and distortions): some add garlic,

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Corriere della Sera (Milan)

Founded in 1876, the first Italian daily always mentions “Della Serra” (“evening”) in its title, although it has been issuing in the morning for over a century. Serious and calm, the newspaper knew how to deal with political unrest while maintaining its independence.
from birth, In Korea Claimed to be the spokesman of the industrial bourgeoisie of the North. Its layout, too large for a modern everyday life, contributes to this image of solemnity and tradition. its owner RCS Mediagroup, bought in 2016 by businessman Urbano Cairo, also owns the La7 channel.
Like other Italian national newspapers, its circulation has declined sharply in recent years, but it remains at the top of the rankings.
Accompanied by a bunch of supplements including newspapers set (Friday), Io Donna (feminine on Saturday) and Lettuce (Sunday).

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