Estelle Lorit is preparing a second recipe book

In a first book that revisits the basics of her cooking, from the variety of flours to the choice of aromatic herbs, she chose to develop the first part in response to questions raised by readers. “It will be full”, he assures, “to structure your plate”, suggesting to “take a balanced diet without stress”, to find vegetable alternatives to different foods such as cow’s milk or eggs… “I will also list the spices and Their advantage. I understand that many people only know pepper. »

A goodbye?

In this second book with a more predictable vegan adaptation (while offering alternatives to animal products), Estelle Lauritt eschews individual bowls for family-sized recipes. Whether for breakfast, aperitif, lunch or dessert, it offers a series of recipes based on this base.

He also takes the opportunity to emphasize the importance of product choice and the work of producers. “I wanted to focus on the people I work with. When I get compliments, it’s primarily thanks to them. I just add a little extra,” she explains.

This book may also be her farewell words: she plans to hang up the apron. Maybe with dirty hands for the job. “In any case, I know I’m closer to the end than the beginning in the restaurant. »

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