‘Eat Happy’, a book full of healthy breakfast recipes

To do this, nutritionists recommend integrating 3 types of very important nutrients into the diet.

protein : They provide satiety and are found in, among other things, ham, meat, smoked salmon and eggs. There are also plant proteins that exist in certain cereals, legumes or oilseeds.

carbohydrates : These are sugars but not just any sugars. We favor slow carbohydrates that will provide constant energy during the morning and are digested very slowly by the body. On the other hand, we avoid fast sugars such as fresh orange juice, jam, chocolate or even white bread and pastries.

fat : They make it possible to synthesize our hormones but there it is also about the good fats that are found in smoked salmon or rapeseed oil.

An ideal recipe for breakfast

A balanced preparation that does not take much time:

1 slice of wholemeal bread

Avocado slices

Juice of 1 little lemon

1 egg

Poppy, hemp or pumpkin seeds

It involves scrambling eggs in a pan. Meanwhile, cut a few slices of avocado with a few drops of lemon, sprinkle with your favorite seeds and serve this breakfast with a slice of wholemeal bread.

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