Do you have 5 minutes and a waffle maker? This recipe will change your life!

What to do with a waffle maker?  Adobe Stock

What to do with a waffle maker? Adobe Stock

You naively thought that a waffle maker was only for making waffles? Think again. You can make many savory and sweet dishes with a simple waffle maker. It’s a shame to invest in a container to use only 3 to 4 times a year. With our recipes, you can finally make your waffle iron profitable.

There are those who use their clothespins to close open rice bags, others who use books to close doors or straighten laptop computers. In our daily life, every object has different functions: for which it was thought and designed, then use and respect which users define individually according to their practice. The kitchen is not exempt from this phenomenon, far from it. You may have seen the video of Sanji cooking an American breakfast using an iron a few months ago? In the same program, she set out to cook gyoza, miso soup and poached pears with a coffee machine. The idea was to test how everyday utensils can be reused for other recipes. The waffle maker is no exception to this possibility. You can cook many recipes with this pot. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, buy one to prepare in two steps, many original recipes in three movements (and best of all it’s very easy to prepare…

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