Discover the miracle slimming juice recipe to drink twice a day to say goodbye to all your extra pounds without exercise!

To refine your figure and say goodbye to your extra pounds, you sometimes need a little help. For this we can rely on slimming recipes that allow us to achieve our goals more easily along with regular physical activity and a balanced diet. This includes specifically A supposed miracle drug, drink twice daily, to burn fat and eliminate toxins. This consists of natural drinks Cedar vinegarof Grapefruit juice And honey. Featured ingredients help in weight loss.

In fact, grapefruit not only helps control appetite, it is also rich in fiber and antioxidants. As for cider vinegar, it helps lower blood sugar levels, but also helps burn fat thanks to its high acetic acid content. It is also a good ally for digestion. Finally, there is no need to list the many benefits of honey, which eventually cures almost all minor ailments of daily life.

Miracle drink for weight loss: how to prepare it?

In terms of dosage and preparation, all you need to do is a cup of fresh grape juice, preferably mixed with two teaspoons of cider vinegar and one teaspoon of honey. The goal is a creamy texture that is easy to swallow. This drink should be consumed then First time just before lunchAnd A second in the evening before dinner, with a healing time of about a week. You tell us!

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