Discover slimming juice recipes to consume at will to deflate the stomach

Even if they don’t miraculously make you lose 10 pounds in one sip, detox drinks are still great companions when trying to lose weight. They can really help burn fat and Stimulates elimination of toxins.

A welcome boost to optimize your efforts and see significant results faster There are many recipes for slimming drinks, each more effective than the other, but among our favorite recipes, lemon juice with ginger, Marie-FranceOccupies a favorite place for him Guaranteed boost effect.

What are the slimming benefits of lemon and ginger?

And for good reason, it consists of only two main components with indisputable advantages. lemon First, full of vitamins (including vitamin C), but also citric acid which plays an important role in digestive function and transit.

On the other hand, ginger is a reference among all slimming ingredients. Specifically, it will work LeptinWhich is none other than the satiety hormone, so that Controls appetite and hunger. Not to mention its effect on blood sugar, which helps reduce fat storage.

How to make a lemon and ginger detox juice?

There is nothing very complicated about making lemon juice with ginger. You will need the juice of 2 lemons and 4 teaspoons of grated ginger to mix in a liter of water.. You then need to let your preparation macerate for half a day before consuming it at will!

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