Detox – 10 Natural Drinks After the Holiday Season

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do Lose weight fast And stay healthy. It is calorie-free and fills your stomach, making you less hungry. Do not like to drink plain water? Know that there are manyIngredients you can add to your water Which will not only stimulate the taste, butEliminate toxins Harmful to your body.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 for taste and health benefits. These contain water-like elements lemonWHO Helps eliminate toxins Harmful to your body, Mint which helps in digestionfrom Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties And Ginger is an ideal pain reliever for physical pain and digestion. Contains some water watermelonof Raspberry and other ingredients that are equally healthy and beneficial Add detox water to your daily routine, we have Recipe for you. They are all Very easy to doVery few ingredients are needed and you can match the ingredients and adapt the recipes to your personal taste.

1. Cucumber Grapefruit Detox Juice

This is detox water Not only will it rid your body of toxins, but it will also help eliminate excess fat Your body. The Cucumber, diuretic, can help you fight water retention. The Lemon and lime help flush out toxins Digestive system and grapefruit helps you burn fat.

Recipe: Add 1 ½ liters of spring water, ½ medium grapefruit (sliced), ½ cucumber (sliced), ½ lemon sliced ​​and a few mint leaves. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving. Drink at least half a liter daily for best results. Do not refrigerate for more than 24 hours.

2. Strawberry and kiwi detox juice

This delicious detox water with strawberry and kiwi is the perfect summer drink. You will need 2 liters of water, some strawberries and 2 kiwis.

recipe : Just chop up your kiwis and strawberries, add them to your water and let them sit in the fridge for a few hours.

Kiwi fruit contains vitamins A and Ewhich will help you Rid your body of free radicals and eliminate toxins accumulated in the colon.

strawberry is Perfect for your skin Because they contain Anti-aging properties and helps fight carcinogens.

You can add more or less fruit according to your taste preference or add others or why not a sprig of mint for flavor.

3. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

Not satisfied with zero calories, This water is ideal for weight loss And rid your body of harmful toxins. It also contributes Increase your metabolism.

recipe : You will need a 1.5 liter pitcher filled with spring water. A thinly sliced ​​apple (any kind) and a cinnamon stick. Just add them to your water and cover half the jug with ice before filling the water. Best to refrigerate for an hour or two before serving. You can add extra apple slices or cinnamon for a more intense taste.

4. Cucumber Pear Detox Water

This will be water Increase your metabolismhelp you reduce fatAnd Flush out all the bad toxins Which makes you feel lazy.

To make this, you will need a 1.5 liter pitcher of spring water and some raspberries as well as a sliced ​​grapefruit, 1 cucumber, a pear and a fresh mint.

You can add lemon, lime, blueberry flowers and cranberries. Just add all the ingredients to the pitcher and let sit for a few hours for the flavors to combine. Make a new pitcher every day to maintain freshness.

5. Strawberry Watermelon Detox Water

This detox water allows you to naturally stay hydratedBut will help you Have beautiful skin. So is he Packed with vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

You’ll need about a cup of strawberries, 2 cups of cubed watermelon, two sprigs of fresh rosemary, spring water, and just a pinch of salt. Combine the strawberries and rosemary in a bowl, then add the cubed watermelon to the jug. Pour spring water, then refrigerate for two hours.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Fat Burning Water

This recipe gives you that water Removes toxins and can help you Lose a few pounds. Thanks for this Cedar vinegar, which has so many advantages that it is impossible to list them all. There are also apples, fiber-rich lemons, cleansing properties and cinnamon that help suppress appetite.

You will need about 30 ml of filtered water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and about half a medium apple, chopped. Mix and blend everything for about ten seconds except for the apples, which you should then add and enjoy.

7. Lemon cucumber detox water

This water is great for lemons in recipes Boost your immunity And Clearing harmful toxins. The Cucumber is an anti-inflammatory and helps you stay well hydrated. Mint sweetens your drink Without added sugar and easier to digest.

To make this water, mix a medium cucumber (sliced), a whole lemon (in rings) and about ten mint leaves (or as many as you like) with about eight cups of water. Mix in a large pitcher and refrigerate overnight. It is a delicious drink that provides the best level of detoxification.

8. Aloe Vera Detox Water

Surely you’ve heard of (or experienced for yourself) the wonderful properties of aloe vera. Did you know you can add it to your water? When you take aloe vera internally, it can Promote circulation and digestionIncreases your energy and relieves fatigue.

You have to split the sheet in the center and remove the gel. Mix the gel with water and lemon and mix for about a minute. You will need about a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of aloe gel.

9. Lemon and Ginger Detox Water

Ginger is A natural pain relieverAnd adding it to your water can boost its detoxification properties.

for this recipe, you will need about 30ml of water at room temperature as well as the juice of half a lemon and about 2cm of fresh ginger root. Just add your lemon juice to the water, then grate the ginger using a zester or cheese grater. It is an excellent drink to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. ideal For all-day pain relief, Cleanse out toxins your body

10. Detox water for the morning

Finally, the best way to get daily detox water is simply Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of warm water every morning. Drinking at least 25 ml of lemon water every morning flushes out toxins and prevents them from building up again. You’ll feel better and your liver will thank you (a lot)!

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