Delicious homemade brunch ideas to whip up even at the last minute for a chic late-night snack

Do you know what a brunch is? It is a dish that is usually served from morning to afternoon. The word “brunch” is a portmanteau of the English words “breakfast” and “lunch”, respectively. As a rule, it is eaten at the same time instead of breakfast and lunch. It can include savory or sweet foods, often – both at the same time. And when sweet treats like buns, cookies, waffles, and muffins come to mind, you often think you’ve run out of fun homemade brunch ideas. So, we’ve come to the rescue with some ideas for unsweetened recipes perfectly adapted to the first meal of the day, to be shared with friends or family immediately.

What products should I buy in advance?

What products are homemade delicious brunches easy quick eggs bread vegetables

To organize a delicious homemade brunch according to the rules of the art, you first need to get a few symbolic ingredients. For example, don’t forget to buy a dozen fresh eggs because they are the undisputed star of this type of breakfast. Likewise, flour is essential whether you want to make pancakes, rolls, and more. Otherwise, get a quality bread, preferably – sourdough.

Easy Homemade Delicious Brunch Ideas Eggs Benedict Fancy Hollandaise Sauce

Fresh vegetables, which are currently in season, are also mandatory for a successful delicious brunch. Charcuterie and cheeses are also in the spotlight as well as a variety of meats. Finally, don’t forget that cocktails like mimosas, planter punches, and bloody marys are allowed during brunch. So think about the ingredients needed for their own preparation.

What to prepare for a delicious homemade brunch?

Ideas Delicious Homemade Chic Easy Quick Salted Pie Asparagus Eggs

With the necessary ingredients provided, it’s time to present our best ideas on snacks to serve during your next pick-up at home for a late breakfast with loved ones or friends. Here’s what to serve during a delicious brunch at home!

Quick and Easy Breakfast Burrito

Homemade delicious brunch ideas easy quick breakfast burritos wraps

This type of burrito consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped around a variety of fillings common to a Mexican or Tex-Mex breakfast. Use your own pita wraps or flatbread from the supermarket for an easy and quick delicious brunch. Add beef, (or bacon, sausage, etc.), beans, crushed tomatoes or salsa, avocado, chopped onion, green salad, jalapeños…

Tacos, chawarmas or delicious pancakes

Homemade Delicious Brunch Ideas Easy Quick Doner Kebabs Burritos Chawarmas

The main advantage of this type of breakfast is that you can experiment a lot with the ingredients depending on availability, personal preference and dietary restrictions. You can do the same with tacos, which are made with cornmeal, make fajitas or chawarma, or make pancakes and top them with ham, cheese, and other savory ingredients. There are dozens of delicious homemade brunch ideas like this one!

Eggs Benedict for a scrumptious brunch

Delicious Homemade Brunch Ideas Easy Scrambled Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast dish made with a bread base (such as half an English muffin or a slice of toast). On top, we garnish with bacon or grilled lardons, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. As you probably already know, it’s an emulsion of egg yolks, melted butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Eggs Benedict is one of the hallmarks of the American savory brunch, but there are plenty of options around the world.

Other delicious egg brunch ideas

Homemade Delicious Brunch Ideas Easy Quick Frittata Italian Omelet Vegetables

For example, a frittata is a type of open Italian omelet containing a mixture of meat, dairy products and vegetables. You could say that the frittata is reminiscent of a quiche without the crust, which means it’s low in carbs. Therefore, it is not only delicious and quick to prepare, but also ideal as a fat-burning breakfast. Other great egg-based savory brunch ideas include exotic shakshuka, classic veggie omelets, and egg-filled tomatoes for late summer. appropriate

Classic Quiche Lorraine and other delicious pies

Delicious Homemade Brunch Ideas Easy Chic Quiche Lorraine Classic Delicious Pies

A traditional Quiche Lorraine is at the same time complex, extremely tasty and quite elegant. Shortcrust pastry with eggs, bacon, crème fraîche (plus optional cheese and onion) is a signature dish of French cuisine that you can prepare ahead of time for an easy and quick delicious brunch without compromising on good taste. As an alternative, try other savory pies like Tomato Puff Pastry or the light and obviously irresistible Goat Cheese Zucchini Pie.

French toast is brilliant in its simplicity

Homemade Delicious Brunch Ideas Easy Quick French Toast Parmesan Green Salad

Pain perdue is another classic French breakfast dish that everyone knows and has analogues in several European countries. Made with stale slices of bread dipped in milk and beaten egg and then fried until golden and crispy, it’s quick, basic and versatile. Plus, French toast can be used successfully for both savory and sweet brunches while fighting food waste at home!

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