Delicious breakfast recipes

In France, it is customary to start the day with a sweet breakfast. But such foods contain more sugars and fiber than we need and lead to peak fatigue very quickly. Some then took the example of the English Salty breakfast. There is no question of English breakfast, but a more balanced meal where protein and vitamins are mixed. No fear, most of us Recipe for a delicious breakfast It has to be done quickly, because it is not always easy to find time in the morning.

Take scrambled eggs for example, quick and easy to make. You can prepare them with mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon or cheese or even top them with slices of ham or smoked salmon.

These are Delicious breakfast A chance to have fun and surprise your taste buds. Make yourself spinach pancakes, porridge, salmon French toast or even grilled cheese. You can accompany this good dish with cucumber or tomato juice. Ideal for this is to use an electric juicer that allows you to extract all the nutrients and save time.

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