Cyril Lignac’s scrambled eggs recipe

All in different egg recipe, scrambled eggs are a big favorite. If you save poached, soft-boiled, soft-boiled or fried eggs for other occasions, scrambled eggs are perfect for brunch or breakfast. They are served with pastry, slices of bacon or smoked salmon, but also buttered toast or avocado toast.

And to achieve them well, we follow Cyril Lignac’s scrambled eggs recipeRTL’s microphone unveiled during his visit.

Cyril Lignac’s scrambled eggs recipe

Sublimate his recipe fried eggs, Cyril Lignac prepares them with pan-fried mushrooms. Thus they can be paired with porcini mushrooms, chanterelles or even brown button mushrooms.

8 to 12 organic or free-range eggs
2 tbsp. Full liquid cream at s
500 grams of brown button mushrooms
A quarter of a bunch of chopped flat-leaf parsley
1 piece Parmesan to grate
25 g + 15 g butter
olive oil
Fleur de sel and pepper

In the saute pan, put a nice knob of butter, add the eggs, 3 per person if it’s one meal, season with fleur de sel and fresh pepper.

Start whisking on low heat and cook gently while whisking, the eggs will begin to cook and form small balls like an omelette but scrambled. Cook until they begin to cook but not harden, add the herbs and finish cooking with a tablespoon of liquid cream to stop the cooking.

Ladle soup into plates with pan-fried mushrooms and sprinkle with grated Parmesan.

How to properly prepare scrambled eggs?

To prepare good egg recipes and delicious scrambled eggs, there are few tips. Cyril Lignac For example, it is recommended to take eggs out of the fridge a few times before cooking, so they can stay at room temperature. This will allow for more even cooking. The chef also specifies to beat the eggs well and season them with fleur de sel, pepper, or espelette pepper. Finally, she recommends cooking scrambled eggs in a saucepan with a little semi-salted butter and beating with a kitchen whisk.

Scrambled eggs worthy of the biggest brunch restaurants are yours!

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