Cotentin. With his new company, Flavi creates organic granola and muesli recipes

During the Salon des artisans organized at Renoville Farm, Flavi Leprell presented a range of mueslis and granolas made from his own recipes.
During the Salon des artisans organized at Renoville Farm, Flavi Leprell presented a range of mueslis and granolas made from his own recipes. (© La Presse de la Manche)

The Val de Cyre is rich youth Those united in their commitment to one Healthy eating with priority local and short circuit between them Professional activities.

Installed on Vic-sur-Mer (Manche), Flavi Leprèle, who spent his childhood Fermanvilleonly Build your small businessIn addition to his work at the Comptoir Colibri store, In Valogneswhich encourages local consumption and environmental Through the sale of numerous food and daily life products.

In addition to these activities, the young woman created her own company, Granola & Muesli, in the village CosquevilleVic-sur-Mere.

His own recipe

“I create and produce my granola and muesli recipes in my laboratory in Vic-sur-Mer. This is a new adventure that completes my activity among Comptoire Colibri”, explains Flavi Leprèle.

after one training thrust into hotel industry And Re-establishmentwith an assumed gluttony for pastry shopShe recently launched herself by creating her own line of granolas and mueslis.

Short circuit and organic material

for Create your own recipeThe young lady uses ingredients from a Organic production Ordered from specialized producers, giving priority to locally produced products, as they meet its quality and production criteria.

“To complete my range of granolas and mueslis, I buy locally what is available here, for example honey from Rochers du Cotentin, sunflower oil from Terre et Nature in Bessin or even carrots from Val de Sayre. I am always on the lookout for local producers and this list Just waiting to grow.”

Flavi leprale

Concerned about the impact on its activities the environmentThe latter tries to do its best at every stage manufacturingThrough judicious use of water, Recycling Waste, use of natural cleaning products, packaging and labeling etc.

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“In the same process, I chose minimal, airtight and retrievable packaging to limit waste and certify product preservation to avoid food wastage. And I invite my customers to reuse the container when ordering. »

Flavi leprale

Recently met during an artisan fair organized by Coraline and Leo from Renoville Farms in Vic-sur-Mer, this discerning young woman thrives on her actions faithful to her commitment to the environment. When you consider the abundance of these industrial products in supermarkets, the mueslis and granolas that make them are of amazing nutritional and energy quality.

Authentic flavor and taste

The range that Flavie offers with Granola & Muesli meets the expectations of families. A range, which, hands down, gives For adults and children Desire to give it a preferred place on the shelves.

through His Facebook page, our entrepreneur gives ideas for preparation and presentation based on the small keys of seasonal produce. The granola and muesli range by Flavi Leprell adapts to everyday life with sweet and savory recipes. breakfast And food, too duty Couldn’t be more affordable.

The difference?

What is the difference between granola and muesli? In fact, most of the ingredients are the same. In the foreground, we always find oat flakes. Muesli is a mixture of cereals, oatmeal, dried fruit, seeds or chocolate. It owes its origin to the Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner. The story goes that Dr Bircher developed his recipe at the turn of the last century after meeting a very careful shepherd in the high mountains and sharing his food despite his great age. The meal consisted of wheat soaked in milk, accompanied by a few hazelnuts, a sliced ​​apple, all sweetened with honey. Granola is also a mixture of cereals and nuts, like muesli, but unlike the latter, granola is baked, often with honey, which helps bind the ingredients a bit and gives it that crunchy aspect.

From our correspondent Nathalie Bonmains

Locally, the Granola & Muesli brand is available at La Consigne in Équeurdreville, at Comptoir Colibri in Valognes, at Nous anti-gaspi in Tourlaville, with online delivery at “Ma ville mon shopping” and in Vicq-sur-Mer- Available for direct sale at More information on 06 10 47 87 13 or on the Facebook and Instagram Granola & Muesli pages.

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