Christmas: Our gift ideas for cocktail lovers

Starting your bar adventure requires minimal preparation. Mixing ingredients is within everyone’s reach, but it should not be done haphazardly: it is essential to respect the recipes to maintain a good balance between the flavors. In this sense, we recommend you bring one The cocktail book Or check out the Cocktail Making Guide to achieve quality mixes.

You have to make an investment Cocktail making kit, being complete enough to do hundreds of basics. The cocktail service glass is also paramount, depending on whether you’re making one Short drink or a Long drink.

Finally, don’t neglect the ingredients. Cocktail experts can’t repeat this enough: always use the freshest products and the best quality spirits!

A Christmas cocktail for Aperitif

Pannier Champagne House is releasing a ready-to-use cocktail box. It includes a bottle of Brut Champagne, a bottle of Ratafia Signed Pannier and a bottle of grape juice. The bitter notes of grapefruit and the dynamic bubbles of champagne make this cocktail a perfect companion for an aperitif. Its fresh character and richness of flavor, especially thanks to Ratafia, whets the appetite for what comes next.

The suggested recipe, namely 4 cl of Champagne, 4 cl of Ratafia and 8 cl of grape juice, leaves plenty of room for the strong aroma of Ratafia, creating a relaxing blend. To obtain freshness and lightness thanks to the bubbles, we recommend the following recipe instead: 6 cl or 8 cl of champagne, 4 cl of Ratafia and 8 cl of grape juice. A basic cocktail kit is recommended for its preparation (mixing glass, bar spoon, jigger). Don’t forget to refrigerate before opening the box!

Louis-Eugène Cocktail Box from Pannier Champagne House
Price: 85 euros

At Christmas, offer cocktail equipment

  • A basic bartender’s kit

    The perfect tool for the budding bartender, amateur or pro. Consisting of a Boston shaker, a bar spoon for mixing and measuring, a hawthorn strainer for use with the shaker, and a Jigger Jinja jigger, this kit is both essential and stylish. With this equipment, there is no excuse if you miss your cocktail!
    Cocktail Kit Urban Bar, The House of Whisky
    Price: €39.90

  • A more complete bar kit

Bartender setThe La Maison du Barman website offers a number of packs for those who want to start making and creating cocktails The “baby kit”, at 41.58 euros without tax, is enough to make hundreds of recipes. Professional kits can be carried in a bag.
Please note that the prices displayed on the site are exclusive of tax.

  • For balanced mixing

    Inspiration can allow you to create a good cocktail, but you still need to have the right equipment… Chefs and sommeliers have everything you need in the “store” to help you, starting with this cocktail dispenser – 2 and 4 cl / 8 cm – in aluminum and copper coating. If you miss your mix, it is entirely your responsibility!
    Just the dozer
    Price: €15.60.

Offer cocktail glasses

The Riedel brand offers a fairly complete range of cocktail glasses Long drink where Short drink, especially the tumbler or highball type. You can also acquire mixing glasses and special glasses for gin and tonics, for example. It is essential to appreciate your cocktail at its true value!

Syrup for your cocktail

Are you planning to prepare cocktails for the end of the year celebration? The Monin brand offers for sale two boxes of five 5cl mignonettes. These quality products can also enhance hot and non-alcoholic beverages.
– First “Comfort Drink” Box: Grilled Hazelnut, Chocolate CookiesMadagascar vanilla, gingerbread, macadamia nuts.
– 2nd “Sparkling Cocktail” Box: Elderflower, Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Morello Cherry and Rose.
Price: €12.31 per box.

Experience the cocktail offering nearby

  • A monthly subscription to a box to discover cocktails and French gin
    The site offers, for a subscription of 30 euros per month, monthly delivery of a kit containing three different miniature 5cl French gins, three tonic waters and three fruits or dried ingredients. The amount dispensed allows you to make a total of six cocktails.
    Price: Subscription at €30 per month for the monthly box; 140 euros for the advent calendar.

  • A cocktail making session in Paris
    Cocktail expert Baptiste Bochet welcomes you to the 3rd Arrondissement for a cocktail discovery or advanced session. No need to come with your ingredients, everything is provided on site. Several themes are proposed, namely learning to make your own cocktails, learning to make tropical cocktails based on rum, learning to make your own Italian cocktails. Around 5 cocktails are created by the participant, with a panel of thirty ingredients available.
    Location: Paris III.
    Price: €79.90 for one person, €127.80 for two people.

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