Breakfast, make-ahead recipes and tips

Running out of time in the morning? Discover our meal prep tips to plan breakfast ahead of time and fuel up for the morning.

You run out of time for yourself in the morning Prepare a breakfast Worthy of the name? It is true that our busy daily life leaves us little time to cook in the morning. But you know how important this food is Start the day well. So what to do to get rid of bad habits Plan your breakfast Advance?

Making breakfast in advance: our idea for saving time and having fun

How nice to wake up in the morning knowing that breakfast is already waiting for us in the fridge! what you have to do Just a few minutes Follow its principles to bring you to the table batch cooking. So organized, You will save time In the morning and quietly will close your day.

So, which recipe should be introduced? can we Ready for Sunday Or the night before? Find out what you need to know to cook ahead A healthy and balanced breakfast.

Harvest the fruit the night before

Prepared breakfast, recipes prepared the day before

Enjoying a smoothie bowl © Ekaterina Kondrotova

To fill the morning with vitamins and energy, Fruit is essential. And to save time in the morning, don’t hesitate Cut the fruit you need for your preparation the night before, Taking care to store them in the refrigerator, in an airtight container.

For example in the menu A delicious smoothie bowl : Mix in some fruit (feel free to add healthy fruit that you wouldn’t imagine eating for breakfast like spinach or fennel…) and top with pieces of fruit, Seeds and oilseeds. You can eat your fruit in salad or mixed with yogurt. Also think about homemade compotes.

Cook on Sundays at least 3 days a week

Sunday, if you want to indulge Food preparationtake some time Plan your breakfast for the week which is looking forward. For example, prepare Pancake flour That you can freeze to eat a few times a week. cooking Banana oatmeal muffins or delicious Homemade cereal bars or gingerbread.

You can easily change your breakfast without wasting time in the morning. Also think Polenta That you can prepare on the weekend and keep in the fridge to enjoy all week: you just have to cook the corn in hot milk or water. Flavored with cocoa, maple syrup or fruit or cold cuts, it will keep you going until noon!

Provide an easy no-cook breakfast

Meals Prepared breakfast, recipes made the day before, porridge

Porridge, a superfood © Zhukov Studio

To treat yourself in the morning, you don’t necessarily have to cook. In fact, some breakfasts are very easy to make. Mueslis For example: you have to compose a different mixture every day so as not to get bored and healthy eating.

Overnight porridge A great idea because it is not necessary no cooking : Prepare a bowl of muesli the night before Wash with milk. Refrigerate overnight to allow the oatmeal to absorb the milk. Thanks to these vitamins, fiber and minerals, Porridge is a real superfood So don’t hesitate to taste regularly.

Some recipe ideas:

Banner Illustration: A Balanced Breakfast All Week – © Olga Larionova

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