Baby Mange de Tout, a recipe book for children

Taste and good eating habits are most easily learned between the ages of six months and three years. The “Golden Age of Gastronomy” is therefore a key time to teach your child to eat well, to appreciate taste and, throughout his life, to consume a varied and balanced diet. After working in the food industry for over 15 years, Aurelie d’Hulst founded Sienna & Friends, a Belgian start-up that is reinventing the baby food sector, seeking to make healthy, suitable baby food accessible to parents. And above all delicious. , thanks to herbs and spices among other things. After gaining a wealth of knowledge on nutrition education and taste development, Aurelie d’Hulst unveiled her first cookbook, Bebe Mange de Tout, in October.

Everything you need to know about baby food

Already out of stock in Belgium, the book, published in September, had to be reprinted to help many French parents train their children to eat well. “My goal is really to help, inspire and motivate parents to cook at home,” she explains. Surrounded by many professionals such as paediatricians, nutritionists and early childhood specialists, the mother of two boys summarizes all the knowledge she has acquired over the years in the first part of her book. “If we want to improve our children’s health, we need to change things… and cook,” she warns from the book’s first page. By providing valuable advice and information, Bebe Mange de Tout offers theoretical education to parents.

75 easy, healthy recipes perfect for the little ones

But after theory comes practice! The second part of the book is then more gourmet, with 75 healthy recipes, easy to make, delicious and above all suitable for children and older children alike. “Anyone can eat them, basically replacing salt, sugar and other additives with natural flavor enhancers (herbs and spices). Nutrition is part of every child’s education. For them, their parents cook, sit at the family table, be exposed to certain foods. And above all, it’s important to enjoy eating,” the author continues. Compotes, cereal bars or a banana cake for breakfast, food and fruit snacks inspired from around the world, the recipes look delicious and, above all, do not look like childish recipes.

Easy and quick to prepare, Bebe Mange de Tout recipes are also available in vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free versions. A book handy in your kitchen, while you put on your apron and your baby bib.

Bébé Mange De Tout is available on the publisher’s website, in bookstores, and on most popular marketplaces.

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