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Ginger Juice: Our Homemade Recipe Rich in Health BenefitsDENIO109/Shutterstock
Juicing is the health trend and everything – from apples to cucumbers to carrots – can be juiced! One of our favorite juices comes from fresh ginger root, a healthy and powerful ingredient. Check out our favorite ginger juice recipes and a guide to the potential benefits of ginger juice.

What is ginger juice?

Ginger juice comes from the liquid of fresh ginger root. It is obtained by grated fresh ginger juice. You can drink it (see below) or use it in recipes with fresh ginger.

You should know the benefits of ginger juice

Through its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, ginger offers a variety of health benefits. He can:

  • easier digestion;
  • Alleviate motion sickness or nausea;
  • Prevents colds and illnesses and relieves their symptoms (eg congestion);
  • Relieve headaches or joint pain;
  • Freshen the breath

How to clean ginger to make juice?

The skin must be completely removed. Some cooks swear by using a spoon to easily remove the skin from the jagged nodules and crannies of the ginger root.

How to make ginger juice

You will need:

  • A few pieces of fresh ginger root, peeled;
  • Gauze or cheesecloth.

Step 1: Grate the ginger root

Using a fine grater – like a fine grater – grate a few pieces of ginger.

Step 2: Squeeze

Place the grated ginger in a cheesecloth and squeeze it well in a bowl, as you squeeze the lemon juice. A very fresh ginger will produce a lot of juice.
You can also squeeze fresh ginger slices through a garlic press to extract the juice.

Step 3: Taste!

You can drink your ginger juice straight or add honey to balance the taste. If ginger is too spicy for you, try diluting it with water; The hot water turns the ginger concentrate into a flavorful tea.

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