7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Making Fruit Salad! + Best fruit combination

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is an essential part of summer menu that refreshes us on hot days. It provides us with vitamins and minerals that keep our body healthy. That’s why one of the most popular snacks and desserts this time of year is fruit salad. But do you really know how to prepare it properly? It is not enough to cut a few fruits in a bowl, because in a few minutes some of them will turn brown. So what to do? Check out our tips below on how to make the perfect fruit salad!

How to make a fruit salad?

Easy dessert for summer full of vitamins

To prepare a fruit salad, the most important thing is to choose seasonal fruits. If you choose local production, it will be better, because it has more flavor. This is because the imported fruits are harvested before they are ripe, which means that their maximum flavor and mineral content have not yet been developed.

The second most important thing is to cut the fruit with a sharp knife. Fruit soup is not synonymous with fruit salad! Care should be taken not to crush the fruit while cutting. There are several techniques you can use to make a real fruit salad, such as slicing watermelon.

Then, prepare a vinaigrette to preserve the fruit’s color and flavor. The easiest is a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. Pour the fruit immediately after cutting.

Avoid these 5 big mistakes when making fruit salad!

Homemade fruit salad

Peel the fruit : If you use your own produce, peel the fruit, as this is where the highest concentration of vitamins is found. Peeling overripe juicy fruits is also a mistake, as they lose their shape and release a lot of water.

amount of sugar : A small amount can invigorate the flavor, but if you put too much, you’ll completely ruin it. Be careful and add no more than a teaspoon per serving.

Add the herbs : Herbs are an amazing idea that will not only enhance the taste of fruit salad, but also make it look fresher. So choose between mint, basil, tarragon and verbena, but never dry them!

citrus fruit : Like it or not, they are essential in any fruit salad. A few drops of lemon, lime, orange or even pineapple can save your fruit from oxidation, which makes it look brown and spoiled.

to serve : Place the fruit salad in a large bowl or on a large plate, meaning everyone has to take a portion with a spoon. Thus, the fruit gets crushed and releases more juice. For a nice and fresh fruit salad, prepare it in small individual cocktail glasses.

How to make a fruit salad in advance?

Fruit salad recipe

Fruit salad can be prepared in advance. Just be sure to store it in an airtight container in the fridge. To keep it fresh and tasty the next day, add a little sugar and lemon juice to the fruit mixture as soon as you cut it.

Another neat trick is to mix fruits with sprites or 7-up. It is actually a carbonated simple syrup that prevents the fruit from oxidizing.

An old method of preserving fruit from exposure to ambient air is to cover it with whipped cream or sour cream.

What fruits go well together?

Easy summer dessert made with fresh fruits

If you’re wondering how to combine fruit to create an incredible dessert, try the following combinations suggested by dietitian Nathalie Rhone:

Cherries, pineapples, blueberries : This fruit has an excellent combination with anti-inflammatory properties.

Grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry : Combine them if you need to boost your immune system.

Figs, red grapes, pomegranates : These fruits protect your body from damage caused by free radicals.

Goji berries, watermelon, lemon : It is an excellent fruit salad for a detoxification of the body.

Blackberry, papaya, cantaloupe : This fruit salad can be included in a beauty routine, as it is full of antioxidants and beta-carotene.

Banana, avocado, apple : This combination will give you energy, especially before or after training.

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe

Source: healthline.com

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