4 Must-Know Fresh Juice Recipes

Winter drink or summer drink, fresh juice brings many benefits to the body. Preparing with an extractor is very easy, just insert all the ingredients into the container and let the machine do the work. Here are 4 delicious recipes that are known to be great for your health.

Ideal as part of a detox treatment, apple-fennel-lemon juice brings many minerals and many vitamins to the body. This recipe is very easy to make with an extractor. Ideal for strengthening the immune system, this drink has antioxidant properties and is very low in calories. Another significant advantage: the flavors go particularly well together! The sweet apple softens the fennel fennel, a real treat for the taste buds.

Required Ingredients:

a fennel
two apples
an orange

Orange-carrot-ginger juice is a detox drink rich in vitamins C, B6 and K, as well as calcium, potassium and magnesium. In addition to the particularly pleasant taste, this drink helps to strengthen the immune system and blood clotting. It is recommended to take a large glass in the morning after waking up because it is a real concentration of energy that will keep you in good shape all day!

Required Ingredients:

Two oranges
Two carrots
3 grams of ginger

This green juice, excellent for health, is especially recommended as a food accompaniment. Apples are very low in sodium, calories and fat, making them particularly suitable for slimming diets. Regarding cucumber, it is known to be composed of 95% water, so it is one of the lowest calorie vegetables. On the other hand, both apples and cucumbers have antioxidant properties as well as rich amounts of nutrients that help improve our body’s functioning. Mint brings a touch of freshness that the taste buds will remember!

Required Ingredients:

a cucumber
two apples
6 mint leaves

Grapes are an ideal fruit to relieve fatigue due to vigorous physical exertion or overexertion. Grapes contain many easily absorbed carbohydrates, vitamins C and B, mineral salts and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Grapes make it possible to better prevent cold or flu epidemics. On the other hand, beets contain betanin, a substance known to reduce the occurrence of skin, liver and lung cancers in animals. This wonderful juice will be lively and sparkling in the mouth thanks to the ginger that will give you the little boost you need!

Required Ingredients:

A bunch of reasons
Half a beat
5 grams of ginger

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