3 Fruit Juice Recipes to Start a Detox Cure

After a full plate or a slightly too alcoholic evening, your body sometimes needs it to purify A little more is better Detox cure After excess give your liver, the main organ of detoxification, a break. To do this, our colleagues at Cuisine AZ have created several homemade juice recipes that will undoubtedly do your body good.

So you can let yourself be tempted Apple Carrot Detox Juice. This juice is perfect for those who want to make it Full of vitamins and supports their digestion. Made with apple, carrot and a piece of ginger, it is very easy to prepare. Cut and wash all ingredients before passing through a juice extractor.

Other ingredients, other benefits. Green detox juice It allows, thanks to the richness of trace elements, toEasily removes toxins and neutralizes free radicals. To prepare it, you need to peel half a cucumber and cut it into slices. Next, slice a washed apple and then wash the spinach leaves and celery stalks. After adding a little squeeze of lemon and a piece of ginger, squeeze everything together and enjoy!

Finally, you can try Carrot, beet and apple detox juice Perfect for relieving fatigue and strengthening your red blood cells. A combination of two carrots, two cooked beets, an organic apple (boskoup type) and a lemon or lime, this juice can be enjoyed for breakfast. get in shape. Mix all ingredients except lemon after washing and chopping A relatively thick but smooth mixture. Then you can add the squeezed lemon and refrigerate your juice for about ten minutes and enjoy it cold!

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