25 recipe ideas for a delicious breakfast

Looking for inspiration for a delicious breakfast? Discover our easy recipes!

For breakfast, two teams compete. Those who swear by sweets And those who dream of making delicious breakfast every day. And then those who choose brunch and cut the pear in half, which everyone agrees!

Here is a selection Best delicious recipes to make in the morning To start the day right!

Salty breakfast, good for your health?

A salty breakfast is often healthier than a sweet breakfast. In fact, between sandwiches or cereals with fruit juice, hot drinks, jams and spreads, breakfast is a concentration of protein and fiber-free sugar: the ideal cocktail to quench morning thirst. and thirst throughout the day.

Delicious breakfast much more complete : It often contains fiber, protein and vitamins. It’s more satisfying than the slow sugars of a sweet breakfast. So it’s easy to hold off until lunch without breakfast. It’s time to start!

Our recipe ideas for savory dishes

To eat salty in the morning, we often lack motivation. But know that there are gourmet recipes that have the advantage of being prepared in advance. Convenient for those who are in a hurry!

You can prepare cheese and ham scones, zucchini and potato pancakes, quiches or cakes that can be reheated in the morning. We think of scrambled or fried eggs with everything.

Pancakes are often popular for a savory breakfast, but there are a few variations like crumpets or English muffins: delicious with eggs and bacon!

Finally, for those who prefer a breakfast on the go, we are betting on sandwiches, salty and decorated toast or bagels!

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