25 homemade pasta sauces to make this summer in a loop

25 of the Best Pasta Sauces to Loop This Summer Getty Images

A good pasta dish cannot be denied. As long as the sauce is made with fresh ingredients. On the menu: olives, carbonara, pesto, chili or even lobster cream. On the table!

Attention pasta eaters! Whether it takes the form of spaghetti, lasagna, orecchiette or even farfalle, pasta has been a staple in our kitchen since the dawn of time and whatever. However, even though they are with us every day, being original when it comes to sauces is another story.

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But making homemade sauce is easy: we can achieve wonders from a few ingredients taken from the back of the cupboard. Example with this classic from La Botte, the sauce all’arrabiata All it needs is a little chilli, fresh tomatoes and garlic. The more daring will opt for something more original, like this sauce with peas, green beans, and mint curd, or this Bay of Naples sauce, made with capers, hazelnuts, and candied tomatoes. Some will take the opportunity to rediscover the classics: bolognese sauce, pesto, spinach ricotta or even the unbeatable tomato sauce.

Forget ready-made sauces, flavorless and full of preservatives, here are 25 creamy and refined recipes, from seafood sauces to carbonara, with a side of lobster sauce. Sister hunger!

25 pasta sauces to enjoy without restraint

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